Action - Emotion

May 11, 2020

We don't take action just to take action. Action is solely done to satisfy one of our emotions, and feelings.

We write. That's action. But why we write? To sound intelligent, to connect with like-minded people, to reduce the chaos from the mind.

We code. That's action. But why we code? To build products. Why build products? To make money. Why make money? To be free from financial stress. Why be free from financial stress? To live life on own terms.

We eat. That's action. But why we eat? To be alive.

We exercise. That's action. But why we exercise? To keep our body healthy. But why we want to be healthy? So that we can live long and without any disease/problem. We don't want to die early.

Are you able to notice the pattern here?

We act but the underlying reason/motive behind taking them is backed by our emotions and feelings. Actions are taken just to fulfill them.

This may look obvious to you but it's mesmerizing when you ponder about it for long.

What's your take?