Bad thing about doing bad things

March 26, 2021

In this post, I'll be sharing one of the perspectives or mindset shifts that I come across while reading a book.

It's about how the destruction gets compounded after you commit or do one bad thing.

There's nothing new about this idea. It's core fundamental is compounding.

Everything compounds, either good or bad, don't matter.

This idea will help you internalize how compounding comes into the picture and how it affects everything when you're playing below 0 along the y-axis. The negative loop.

Let's get started.

Imagine, there's a well-furnished building out there in its place for more than 2 years. Then, suddenly the glass of one of the windows got broken because of some reason.

The guy who owns the building is responsible for getting it fixed. But he's not taking the charge and delaying the action. For him, just one window doesn't make the difference, the building is still in a good position as of now. His mindset at this point kind of reflects the point that he doesn't care much about the building.

That's the main problem. How? This one broken window will allow other dust particles, bacteria, and moisture to enter the building which will, in turn, lead to the destruction of other things present in the building. All of this will then lead to one more window getting broken. Now, there's more space for other outer particles to come in. This will again lead to the destruction of other things but with 2x force.

The loop will keep going on until the building turns down into dust. This is how you destroy one well-furnished building altogether.

Remember, where it all started? One broken window.

That's also how we let ourselves down. We break one window, commit one bad thing, and then it keeps on reflecting in every aspect of our life, and then compounding keeps doing its job in the background.

What you can do?

  • Don't let one window break.
  • If the window gets broken, fix it as soon as possible.

This idea is known as Broken window theory.

Hope, it helped you to think about how one bad thing leads to the ultimate destruction.