Body of work

August 31, 2020

Build your body of work.

What's body of work?

It's the collection of all of the things you've done, projects you've completed, and thoughts you've written. It includes all of those.

It shows who're you as a person, how you think, what are your skills, what's your circle of competency, your potential, and everything else about you.

Instead of you introducing yourself to someone else, now you can direct him/her to your body of work. Let your work speak louder than you. Show them, don't tell them.

Treat it like an open-source project.

  • Contribute to it regularly.
  • Share it with others openly.
  • Keep modifying it.

It's also like nurturing your digital garden that brings more opportunity. It acts as a vehicle that increases your luck surface area.

Produce it once. Share it 10 times. Attract 100 opportunities.

How I'm doing it?, Twitter profile, GitHub profile, and are my ways of sharing my body of work.

Here, on this site, you can see 3 main pages as of now. They're:

  • Visuals: where I share the visuals that I've made till now. These visuals explain a concept/idea in the simplest way.

  • Short Snippets: where I share my thoughts in raw form without much explanation. These are the things and ideas I believe in.

  • Interests: the concepts that I don't know as of now, exploring them, learning more about them.

And finally, blog posts via which I explain them in more detail and with proper context.

I don't treat my work as static, I keep updating my blog posts, short snippets, and as well as interest page as I grow and learn more. Exactly like an open-source project.

Treat it like a marathon, not a sprint.

I hope, this post gave you a little idea about the body of work, what it is, and why you should build it.