Bootstrap your career

July 17, 2021

Zerodha, Wingify, and Zoho have heard about them?

All of them are Indian startups and there is one thing common in all of them. Can you guess?

They run on a bootstrap model where they re-invest the money they earned from business into the business again to grow it.

They don't put it aside.

They put it back into the business to grow it. It's like a positive feedback loop when you feed the output of the system back into the system as input.

positive feedback loop

The same can be applied to one's career as well, and especially when you're starting.

You must have heard very common advice and that is to save and invest the money as much as you can in financial tools like the stock market, mutual funds, and crypto market as well.

There's nothing wrong with it, in fact, you should do it. But be mindful about doing it, don't put all of the money there in one basket(investing into financial tools), take some part, and invest it back into yourself.

Buy some tools or gadgets which might improve your productivity, take some courses to learn new things, join some paid communities, hop on a call with your mentors(even if it's paid), invest some money into your side projects, etc... You got the idea, right?

Always remember that the investment in yourself has the highest ROI.

Include yourself in your financial portfolio.

If you will do it right, you will see the results in record time.