Change yourself to change the world

August 19, 2020

This is the typical advice that everyone keeps peddling, especially elders to youngsters who're kinda lost, wandering from one place to another. More specifically, it's being given to those who're trying to make the world a better place and losing themselves in this pursuit.

Till this point, like everyone else, this statement sounds cliche and cringe to me, so I keep on neglecting it. But from the last few days, I learned some of the things that just clicked and got interconnected in some way and made me realize a point.

In this blog post, I will try to convey what I realized, and learned, and my perspective of looking at it now.

Think of the world as a big system, a system that is made up of small sub-systems, and those subsystems are further made up of sub-sub-systems.

world = big system

All of those components collectively determine the nature, behavior, collective output, and the function of that big system i.e. world. Every component of this big system interacts with other components, affects in some way, gets affected by some other component in some way and then this collective change creates a change in the big system.

Even the little change in one of the components gets propagated very far and ends up shaking the world like crazy, doesn't matter the magnitude of the change.

You just need to bring yourself that little change in yourself to shake the system.

How? Let's break it down.

You're one of the parts of those many sub-systems that made this big system.

you're a part

You change yourself.

change yourself

That change brings out a little change to every other sub-system that you're part of.

sub-system change

Reflect on the change caused by you in systems that you're part of.

intermediate change

And then, this change gets propagated to every next inter-connected sub-system and the cycle goes on to bring out the change in the whole system.

change propogates

This is how changing yourself brings out a change in the world.

You matter.