Create relentlessly

August 16, 2020

Create relentlessly. Create something daily. One of the most powerful things that you can do.

It can be anything, it can be a visual, tweet, blog post, and book but the point is to create them daily, relentlessly.

Why create? And why I'm emphasizing on creating?

  • It's easy to get lost in thinking and consuming all day.
  • By creating something, you become more biased towards taking action. And that's a good thing.
  • Creation is how we serve and help others. You help others not by just having good intentions and belief systems but by actually doing the work, and taking action. Creating something in some form that helps them in some way.
  • Your body of work(creation) sums you up perfectly. Your thinking, your values, principles, and everything else get reflected in your work. By building your work, you make yourself easy, to sum up. Don't introduce yourself, direct them to your work. Show them, instead of telling them.
  • Everything that you create is helpful to someone in some way. How? Because at every moment of life, you can learn something from someone and you can teach something to someone. Read more here.

And because of all the above points, I'm arguing to create or to build your body of work. Doesn't matter how bad your day went, but you still have the chance to make it good by creating something.

Create daily and create relentlessly.