Focal point

May 17, 2020

The problem with the modern world is that we do a lot and feel less. There will be always some tasks that need to be completed every time. We have a rough idea that there lots of tasks that we're doing. High productivity.

But I found that most of the time, we're just running in circles. Zero results. We're doing a lot but still the needle isn't moving. We come to the same place over and over.

This thing can be avoided by setting up the focal point. Focal point is the point on which you focus all of your energy. You know the direction, what you just have to do is walk in that direction.

Determine your focal point:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why are you doing those tasks? Write your answer to each corresponding task.
  3. Group your tasks based on the common thing that they're helping you to accomplish.
  4. Now, take a step ahead and group all of the groups that you come up with in step 3. Describe it in one sentence or two.

And that's your focal point.

Only do the tasks that are sync with your focal point. Say no to others.

That's how you cut out the chaos and bring more structure to your life.

Always prioritize direction over speed.