How to learn anything

October 4, 2019

This is the exact plan I'll follow if I've to start again to learn a new skill and what I've observed from successful learners in the digital world.

You'll not only learn. You'll really learn. And it will not stop only here. This way you'll open up new opportunities like hell for yourself.

Output aimed for: Learning + Internalization of concepts + Tracking(the real deal, it's like journaling your learning journey) + Authority building

  1. First, pick up a topic/skill you want to learn.

  2. Go like crazy for 2-3 days, and learn every basic thing you can learn inside and out about that skill. Prefer youtube videos, eli5 series, breakdown, and dummies articles. The idea is to get to know: 10k feet level overview.

  3. Start documenting your journey, whatever you're learning each and every day.

This is to show the potential world that, you've put in enough effort to learn the skill, and you're more determined to learn it than any other seasonal learner.

More than that, it's an amazing tool to keep yourself accountable in the long run. Trust me on this.

Mindset shifts to consider:

Give equal weightage to learning and documenting. Trust on me this, please.

  1. Do yourself a favour, and create your own roadmap like @mrdbourke to learn the skill. Why? Focus. Idea is not to get lost in the plethora of resources. Focus on learning. Don't spend much time selecting the best course/material out there. Stick to it. And be flexible enough too. There is a tradeoff in between the town that you've to take care of.

  2. Cut out any other skill you're trying to learn in parallel. One skill at a moment.

You're just starting out buddy, embrace the suck.