Impact of Internet

December 13, 2019

Internet: it's an integral part of our life. We can't even imagine our single day without it.

On the one hand, it has been changing lives.

It has democratized information.

Now, you don't have any reason to not learn any skill on your own. You have all of the information, courses, communities, and mentorships available at your fingertips.

It has removed the demographic restrictions. You don't have to be in physical touch with your teacher to learn anything anymore.

On the other hand, it has been devastating for others at best.

Porn, social media, online games, web series, you name it.

Likewise, information, about these addictions are also at your fingertips.

Either someone is learning for more than 8+ hours on the internet or someone is wasting more than 8+ hours on these addictions.

The Internet is widening the gap between the two categories by a very large margin.

You'll witness a lot of inequality in the near future but at the same time, you can't blame Capitalism for the same.

Make sure that you fall in the first category of internet users, otherwise, addictions will eat you.