Is money evil?

December 8, 2019

Money is not evil.

Money is not the problem, lack of money is.

Everyone got selfish, and egoistic when they get money. No, it's not the truth.

Truth is money just shows the real nature of the person.

Money does not change the inner faculties of the body. It only changes the outer ones.

Having more money never hurts but lack of money hurts.

It's a practical scenario, not the one you believed from childhood.

Want to help tons of people? Change the world?

Create more jobs. More jobs = More employment = Less lack of money.

Focus on the word Less because people with no financial literacy will end up spending more than they will earn.

The mere presence of money shows that you as an individual can not do everything and hence we depend on each other for the services that we can not do. And money acts as the medium to provide our services to others and enjoy the services of others by paying them.

Thus, money just acts as a tool to exchange services.

It should make people more humble than being egoistic but the opposite happens.

How to create money and opportunities at the same time?

Create more. Produce more. Consume less.