February 19, 2020

I've not come this far to come on only this far. I've come this far to help the other ones that can be benefitted from in any way. I've come this far to improve things in any way I can. I've come this far to make the world a better place even by 1%. I've come this far not only for myself but for others too.

You might be thinking, what has this Lil man achieved in life? What the fuck he has done so far that he is saying it is a big achievement?

No, I've not done something that will mesmerize you. No way.

But I know how much I've been transformed in the last few years.

I can see the change in myself.

And I can also see some other ones struggling with the things that I was used to struggling with.

There will be always some areas in your life in which you can help others, and there will be some areas too in your life where you've to learn from others.

I love to do both.

I see myself as an element that emits energy and also the one that absorbs energy and passes it on further.

In the cycle of desire, you're so busy chasing your desires that you forget that there are other things too in life. Health and relationships are top among them.

I've come this far to absorb more and as well to emit more. What about you?

Note: This blog post came out after pondering a little bit about this tweet.