The ladder of life

December 24, 2019

Man climbing the ladder

There is a single ladder that we all are climbing.

All of us want to get to the top.

Every one of us wants to get to the top with our respective goals and desires.

It's a big ladder.

You're at some particular step in the ladder at any particular instance of time in your life.

Above someone, and below someone. Every time.

You'll be neither at the top nor at the bottom.

Realize this.

What does that mean?

  • There is always a chance for improvement and also there is always a chance to lift someone on the ladder by helping them.

  • The person you're looking up to is also not at the top, he is also in between. So, reaching there does not guarantee that you'll not ask for more. We'll always ask for more, that's our human nature. Desire.

  • You're not above or below X in all aspects of life. In some aspects, X is above you and in others you're.

But there are certain rules to keep in mind while climbing the ladder.

  1. Don't compare your 6th step with someone who is at the 20th step. Everything takes time and eventually you'll get there.

And if ever your comparison muscles kick in, make sure to analyze and know the starting point of the one with whom you're comparing yourself.

  1. Don't rush. Climbing more steps without enjoying the process is not the goal. Climb + Enjoy the process.

Age does not matter

Most of us think that it's age that determines our position on the ladder. Why? Because we've been programmed to look up at this ladder with the time axis. We think that the older ones are and should be at the top and the younger ones are just starting. But it's not.

Age does not determine the position.

It's you, your dedication, your work ethics, values, and principles, all that matters.

I've seen guys 10-20 years older than me at the very bottom of the ladder. And I've also seen guys younger than me at the top of the ladder.

Internet is also playing an important role in nullifying the effect of age. Read more here.

It's not the age that determines the position but the starting time plus the dedication that matters.

Why this realization is important?

Multiple reasons:

  • Gratitude: It helps me to be grateful for all of the things I've even at the lowest point in my life. Remember: You're always in between.

  • Realizing that you're neither the smartest person nor the dumb person frees you.

  • Imposter syndrome: It no longer eats me like the way it used to.

  • Dunning-Kruger effect: Not this one too!