School vs Real world

February 17, 2020

Life in school and college is completely different from the one outside these institutes.

When you come out in the real world, things change fast.

You've been dropped into the ocean and now you've to figure out the rest.

No one will guide you, will look after you. You've to do it all by yourself.

The concept of the curriculum has been gone. You've to design your own.

Steps in life are more uncertain and probabilistic now. In schools, you know that after the 5th standard, you'll be sitting in the 6th standard. The same doesn't go here. You've to design your path.

Exams are used to evaluate ourselves in school. That process was simple and flawed as well. But now, you'll be judged and evaluated by others on different metrics. The thing is you've to come up with your metric.

It's real life. You've to and you should live it with full courage and energy.

Stop saying that school days were so good and now it's all prison here.

Think about it this way.

When you were in school and college, you were taken care of by your parents and teachers. They were holding all of the responsibility. They were dedicating all of their energy to growing you up with whatever they could. They were playing the role of an action taker. Everyone has to play this role to make this cycle of life work. Someone has to take responsibility and lead the upcoming generation. Now, the only difference is you're the one who has to do it. You should accept the role with all of your energy. You should be happy that now you're the one who will be leading and shaping the future of the upcoming generation. The key is in your hands. Create and change the things that you wish someone had done for you. Start small but start.

It's the game of life. Play it with all of your energy.

Remember: You're a leader and a doer.