February 9, 2020

Our environment shapes us. Accept it or not.

We, humans, are mimetic creatures we mimic what we see. Our desires, actions, and behaviors, all of them somehow are inspired by the environment that we live in.

We're more prone to accept the behavior and action of those who surround us as normal behavior. It does not matter, it is good or bad.

One thing can be completely OK and normal for someone but the same thing can be unacceptable for the other one. It's all because of our values, and beliefs that have developed over time.

It's not about whether society is good or not. Whether you should live in the groups or not. It's just about seeing and accepting reality. It's not about judgment and passing the results every time.

Like most things in life, the answer to the above question is: It depends. It depends both on you and the other ones. We can't generalize it.

Some societies can break you into pieces, and some can build you. It's like a double-edged sword.

But I think the optimal way is:

  1. Live in solitude. Live alone, first. Enjoy your life. Build strong foundations, values, and principles. How you can do that? The Internet is the answer. In physical surroundings, sometimes you've got the choice to select the individuals, and sometimes you don't. But when it comes to internet-based surroundings, you always have a choice. The key is in your hands always. You're the one who'll decide whom you'll follow.

So, my piece of advice will be: to choose strong personalities with strong work ethics, principles, values, ideas, vision, and all of those things that matter. Let the juice flow in beginning, and build strong foundations.

  1. Then come later in the real world, physical surroundings with those strong foundations. Now, you know more about what's good for you and what's not. What you should adopt and what you should repel from. Pick the best from others.

It's not like a bullet-proof method. This method will make you less prone to the bad side of things.