Advice for students

September 16, 2019

The central question or thirst I found myself finding again and again: Can all of this mess can be managed?

How can I control my life more?

How can I craft or design my life more?

A day when I'll be having a long-term goal and I'll in.

A day when I'll break down that long-term goal into short ones and play accordingly.

A day when I will choose the tasks I've to do.

A day when I'll have my to-do list ready before the hand with all of those things about which I'm extremely passionate about.

A day with hope. Yes, I'm moving ahead. I'm towards making my vision true. These daily actions will add up to make that true.

A definite long-term goal that can be measured. No abstractness and ambiguity.

Fun fact: I'm missing my old-self. I've been there, done that, feeled that. But no more. That's how life roll. Good, bad. Keep that in loop. People call it life.